The Playground and Social Media

The Playground and Social Media

By Scott Coombe at 

I take my kids to the playground all the time during the summer.  They love to play and have fun with all the other kids.  They play lots of games and get all their energy out.

But adults do this too.

They like to play, socialize and tell all their stories to their friends.

It’s a thing called Social Media.  You’ve probably heard of Facebook and MySpace.

Did you know that of the top 100 websites (except 4)… they are all either search engines or social media sites?

That means there are many social media sites that many of your clients are visiting.

In fact… there are new social networking virtual-playgrounds every single day.

One easy step is to put up a fan page of your business on Facebook or a “Space” on Myspace.  Then you can provide content to your customers and they can get it when they are wanting it.

Do you have a fanpage yet?  I’d love to see it.  Feel free to reply back to me and I’ll check it out.

Now, before I even get started on Social Media Networking sites… The most common objection is that it’s just for kids.

And there are a lot of things to do for kids there… but don’t be misled.

Here are some of the statistics on Facebook:

Ages    13 – 17 = 11%

             18 – 25 = 33%

            26 – 34 = 25%

            35 – 44 = 18%

            45 – 54 = 9%

            55 – 65 = 4%

So if your target market is from 26 – 56… then you are looking at 52% of Facebook as your clientel.

That is a whole lot better than yellow pages these days. 

And best of all, like a playground, it’s free to build a rapore with thousands of people and have links to your website to sell them your stuff.

What an awesome deal.

But here’s the big stuff

It’s estimated that businesses will spend over 3 Billion Dollars on Social Media Advertising. 

That’s not pocket change.  And there is a big reason for it.

See, with social media marketing… you can directly target exactly who you want to advertise too. 

So if you only want to have your ad go before 50 year old religious men… you can.

If you only want to target married middle aged women with kids in Portland, OR… you can do that too.

That is going to get you exactly the market you want… and your conversion rate per $ spent will be astronomical compared to Yellow pages or T.V. ads which broadcast to everyone in a shrinking market and never lets you target how effective your ad is.

And here is the best part of social media marketing… though hardly the last one.

The fences are down.

When kids are at the playground… they play.  They are laughing… they are sharing their secrets… they are running without a care in the world.

And in many ways… so are the adults.

So, when you can speak into your target market’s play activities… when they may be thinking of doing something with their house… some health concern… or even financial pressures….

And you slip in with a catchy phrase that lets them know you can help them and click on this ad to get more information….

You are talking about powerful messages at the right moment in time… when all the defenses are down.

And that is what is required of marketing in the 21st Century.

So please, show me your fan page and I’ll become one of your fans.  I’d love to see what you are doing.

But, if you’d like help or want someone to get you started… please, give me a call.

That is my passion, to help businessmen achieve in their marketing.  And in this economic climate… it pays to have a friend on the Internet lending a hand.

I wish you all the best and great prosperity.

Scott Coombe


SuperDad, Stay-home Father, Loving hubby, church goer and marketer for you and yours.

Oh, and feel free to give me a call about any questions you may have.


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