Sending all traffic to my new site

Hi, guys,

So, I just realized I still have this blog here that I popped on a few years back.

Here are some of the sites I am working on currently.  this is where you’ll find my Great Scott moments and other cool stuff.  this is my health blog… if you want to know how to beat cancer or other diseases, this is the spot for you.  Kangen Water Video Demo

and  I fully support Kangen Water in your diet.  Your Body is 70% water.  before you go into getting all organic non-GMO foods and eating right.  That is all good, but your food is only a small part of your health.  Begin with RAAW – Restructured, Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant water and you’re health will improve right away.  Then work on your food.

I have lots of other interesting stuff.

And please come follow me on Facebook.

Blessigns to you all

Scott Coombe


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