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Ice Skating Champs: is it really a sport – or story telling?

March 4, 2010

Hey, this is Scott Coombe
I was watching the Olympics the other day and ended up watching the Solo Women’s Ice Skating Finals.
It was funny.
There was all this hype beforehand about the Korean skater Kim Yu-na and the chief rival Japanese skater Mao Asada. I guess they have been battling and trading wins since they were children… meaning a few years now.
There was also the sorrow story being told of Canadian skater Joannie Rochette whose mother had died that week.
It was a fanciful fanfare of stories and competition to see who would be the winner.
Now, having seen the performances… I would say there was some great skating that really didn’t make the points they should have.
Just like sometimes we don’t get the credibility or attention we deserve do to our performance.
Sometimes it is the story-teller who hypnotizes people into what to choose.
Are you telling your story in your business?
How are you serving your world? Are you healing people? Serving the masses by beautifying lawns? Keeping a home’s bowels/pipes clear and fresh?
Whatever you do, you should have a story where your clients will identify an emotion or experience and tag it to you.
As the beautiful woman skated and danced on the ice… I saw some real brilliance and energy.
But in the end… it was the three women who’s stories were circulating who won the competition.
Was this unfair?
Let’s just say it was non-justice. Everyone did skate their heart out and they put on a wonderful show.
I hope that you are able to put out a compelling story that reaches out to the hearts of your customers and leads them to give you the gold… or at least some green.
Feel free to leave any comments and tell me your favorite Olympic events.


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