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Customers are like Shawn White and Snowboarding in the Olympics

March 4, 2010

Customers are like Shawn White and Snowboarding in the Olympics.

Did you watch the Olympics this year? 

I usually don’t get to, but this year I happened to be on vacation and got to see some of the events.  I was able to watch Shawn White snowboard the half-pipe for a second Gold medal. 

Man I wish I were young again and able to do those kind of moves.

And that is why I’m going to compare White’s snowboarding event to your customers. 

Unlike most sports, snowboarding a half-pipe robs energy… the longer your routine goes… the slower you go.  That translates to less tricks and a lower score.

The same goes for your customers.  They are fantastically loyal and enthused about you when they first purchase your product or service.  But as time goes… they may not be so loyal when a cheaper or more convenient option arises. 

Sometimes we can’t do any more tricks for them because they’ve seen it all before.

And… This is perfectly natural.

Declining returns happens to everyone’s business, that’s why you can’t do one product launch or marketing event and coast for life. 

I wish.

So, like the Olympians, they get to keep their best score… still they end up giving their all – and often fall flat on their faces.

And some psychologically let the friction of giving it all every time tear them down.

But not all.

Shawn White kept getting a higher score each time he went down the run.  By the last run, he already had the gold.  He could have just boarded right down the pipe to greet the fans.

He coach suggested he try his new secret trick “whitesnake.”

So Shawn slips down the pipe with usual tricks then amazes everyone with his “whitesnake” twist.

This was amazing to watch.

And the judges gave him a better score than the one he won the gold with.

He already won, and he busted out a better performance just because of the joy of it.

So my take away is this…

Just because the energy gets low at times… doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best for our clients and subscribers every time we get a chance to connect with them.

But this isn’t special.  Artist of every type attempt to put everything they have into their performance… that is our human expression and longing for acheivment.

Why should we as businessmen be any different?

Wether we’re doing a major promotion or keeping relationships going… you have to care to do better each time… always trying for a better response.


And feel free to comment on this or tell me about your favorite Olympic event.


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